Orthodontics in Ocoee, FL

Orthodontics in Ocoee, FL

Looking to correct misaligned and overcrowded teeth? Our expert orthodontists can correct aesthetics and improve your smile. Orthodontics involves much more than just correcting your smile.

Overbites, underbites, and misaligned teeth can cause serious problems if not treated on time.

Effects of Misaligned Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be caused due to several reasons. Facial injuries, trauma, genetic susceptibility, and premature loss of baby teeth can all cause your teeth to be crooked. If you suffer from misaligned teeth, it may be a good idea to contact our dentist in Ocoee, FL at the earliest for orthodontic intervention.

Gum Disease

When teeth are misaligned, the gums can wrap themselves around the teeth in an inadequate manner leaving gaps for bacteria to grow. This makes your gums vulnerable to plaque and periodontal disease.

Difficulty in Chewing

For proper, comfortable chewing functionality requires you to have aligned upper and lower jaws. When you suffer from underbite or overbite, it can be very difficult to chew food properly. This may become a stressful thing to manage in your day-to-day life.

It Can Be Difficult to Clean Your Teeth

Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean compared to an even dental arch. It can be hard to brush around nooks, crannies, and corners that appear due to the misaligned dental structure. Those with crooked teeth may also be more vulnerable to chipping or cracking of their teeth during sports.

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Apart from Overbite and Underbite, How Does Orthodontics Help?

Orthodontics can be used to treat a variety of dental conditions, including:

Overcrowding When you have too many teeth in your mouth, they interfere with the eruption of other teeth.

Spacing: Abnormal spacing between teeth can increase the risks of gingivitis and plaque since the gum area is exposed to bacterial attack.

Impacted Teeth: Some teeth may not be able to erupt properly due to the misalignment of adjoining teeth. This is a very common problem with wisdom teeth, for example.

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