Extraction in Ocoee, FL

Extraction in Ocoee, FL

Although our dentists are reluctant to pull teeth if restoration is possible, they will do so under some circumstances. If a tooth is severely injured by trauma or decayed, then they may need to do an extraction. One reason that some dentists don’t like pulling teeth is due to the complications that they can cause.

Types of Extractions

After examining an injured or decayed tooth, our caring dentists at Smiles of Ocoee will determine if a tooth is salvageable or needs to come out. If an extraction is necessary, he or she can recommend one of two types: a simple or surgical extraction.

A simple extraction is taken care of by the dentist in their office in Ocoee, FL , but they will recommend an oral surgeon who handles surgical extractions. Surgical extractions may be necessary if a tooth is broken off past the gum line or several teeth are coming out at once when a patient is getting dentures.

Complications of Extractions

While most dental extractions are done without any problems occurring, sometimes there can be complications. Some of them include:

  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Infection After an Extraction
  • Pain and Bruising
  • Dry Socket

Some signs you should look for after having an extraction are bleeding that lasts more than 48 hours, swelling, drainage of pus, and acute pain. Minor pain after this procedure is not unexpected, but acute pain can indicate an infection or dry socket.

A dry socket occurs when the blood fails to clot after extraction, or the clot dislodges and dissolves. Dry sockets are very painful, and they can leave a bad taste in the mouth. If you experience any complications, contact one of our dentists at Smiles of Ocoee immediately. They can prescribe antibiotics for infections and something for pain if the over-the-counter medication doesn’t work.

Most Extractions Are Uncomplicated

Simple extractions are usually uncomplicated, and one of our caring staff in Ocoee, FL will make sure your teeth are numb before the procedure commences. Along with a numbing agent, your dentist may also provide a sedative if you’re nervous about having an extraction. Our staff will do everything they can to ensure you are well taken care of before, during, and after an extraction.

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