Endodontics in Ocoee, FL

Endodontics in Ocoee, FL

Instead of going to a stranger when you need endodontic work done on a tooth, our dentists at Smiles of Ocoee in Ocoee, FL can do the work themselves. We have dentists who are trained in most forms of dentistry, so they can save teeth by doing root canals.

Why are Root Canals Necessary?

Many people ignore the symptoms of cavities because they think it isn’t an important problem, or they may not have dental insurance. However, not seeking treatment for tooth decay will only allow it to spread into a tooth or to your gums. If the decay spreads into the tooth, then you’ll need a root canal to clean it out and save it.

Our dentists at Smiles of Ocoee also perform root canals on teeth that break near their roots. When a tooth breaks that far down, it can expose the interior of it to debris and bacteria that can cause infection and tooth loss. However, doing a root canal gives dentists a chance to save your tooth and make it healthy again.

What is the Process for Root Canals?

If one of our dentists near you in Ocoee, FL recommends a root canal, they will begin by taking impressions of your teeth so that they can order a dental crown to place over the tooth to protect it. Then, he or she will numb your tooth and mouth so that you won’t feel any discomfort while they work.

After placing a dental dam around it, the dentist will use a dental drill to open the tooth to the location of the decay, which is the pulp. The pulp of the tooth contains the nerves, small blood vessels, and other soft tissues. It also extends down into each root canal.

The dentist will remove the pulp to remove all decay. The dentist uses tiny files to remove the pulp from the canals and help reshape them. They also help reshape the canals. Once they finish this task, they sterilize the inside of the tooth and close it by filling it with a substance known as gutta-percha.

Then, when the dental crown arrives from the lab, our dentists at Smiles of Ocoee in Ocoee, FL will fit and bond it to your tooth so that your smile is healthy and whole again.

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