Emergency Dentistry in Ocoee, FL

Emergency Dentistry in Ocoee, FL

While not all dental problems require emergency care, some certainly do. Accidents can happen at any time, and there are occasions when immediate treatment is required. Some common examples include broken, cracked, or knocked-out teeth. These conditions are often the result of sports injuries or other facial traumas. In these situations, it is important to call your dentist in Ocoee, FL for instructions. The need for emergency dentistry depends on the magnitude of the injury and the location of the tooth.

Emergency Dental Care Near You

If your tooth is severely cracked, you damaged nerves or have partially or completely knocked out a tooth, seek immediate medical attention. If your tooth has been displaced, put a piece of gauze in the socket and bite down gently. Also, try to locate the avulsed tooth. Handle it with care and never touch the root. Rinse it thoroughly with only plain water. Then put it back in the empty socket or place it in your mouth by your cheek. If this isn’t possible, store the tooth in milk and get to your Ocoee, FL dentist right away.

Sudden and Severe Tooth Pain

Sometimes, patients experience severe tooth pain out of the blue. The source may be unknown. This can be caused by an inner pulp infection or an abscess. Always call Smiles of Ocoee if you are suffering from bad tooth pain.

In addition, a lost or broken dental filling can cause unbearable pain or discomfort. Besides that, you should seek out treatment immediately as the break can spread. Then the damage can become greater the longer you wait. Left untreated, you can wind up with more severe problems.

Tooth Extractions and Endodontic Care

When you come to Smiles of Ocoee, we will also do everything we can to save natural teeth. But there are times when the only way to preserve oral health and well-being overall is to extract a badly damaged tooth. Rest assured, our emergency team will always keep you comfortable with safe and effective sedation dentistry options.

Lastly, immediately following any dental trauma like auto or sports-related accidents, it’s best to call our emergency dentist near you. We are offering emergency dental services during our business hours. The sooner we triage and understand the damage, the better we can assist you.

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