Dental Bonding in Ocoee, FL

Dental bonding is a simple, straightforward cosmetic dental procedure that repairs teeth that are broken, chipped, or discolored. Dental bonding refers to the direct application of a tooth-colored, resin composite material to an affected tooth. Many patients like dental bonding because it allows them to walk into a dental office and walk out with a new smile after a single visit—unlike dental veneers, which require customization and multiple appointments.

If you’re in Ocoee, FL you can get your dental bonding done at Smiles of Ocoee. We offer single-visit procedures, thus allowing you to resume your normal life with a brand new, brighter, and more confident smile. You can get your dental bonding completed over your lunch break and go back to work without worrying about any side effects or down-time—that’s how easy it is!

Dental Bonding Procedure

During your appointment, our dentist will prepare your tooth by gently roughening or etching it and applying a conditioning liquid to enable easy bonding. This step doesn’t require anesthesia. After preparation, the dentist takes a putty-like resin composite material and applies it on the surface of the affected tooth. The dentist shapes the resin to resemble your natural tooth and uses a special light or laser to harden the material.

After hardening, our dentist in Ocoee, FL reshapes and trims the resin-composite material, on top of polishing it thoroughly so that it matches your teeth’ natural sheen.

This entire procedure requires 30 to 60 minutes to complete per tooth. If you’d like dental bonding for several teeth, you may need a longer appointment or multiple visits.

Caring For Your Teeth After Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure that involves minimal enamel removal and no anesthesia. Caring for your teeth after dental bonding is essential in ensuring that your new and enhanced teeth serve you for a long time.

Here’s what you should remember about bonded teeth:

  • The resin material used in dental bonding can easily chip. As such, it’s best to avoid hard foods. You should also do away with destructive habits, such as using your teeth to open bottles, as this could lead to chipping. Don’t bite your fingernails, either.
  • Teeth aren’t immune to cavities after bonding. Practice proper dental hygiene and book regular dental exams and cleanings with our dentist in Ocoee, FL if you’d like to keep your teeth healthy for a long time.

If you’re interested in dental bonding, or if you have questions on the same, call Smiles of Ocoee today.

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