Clear Aligners in Ocoee, FL 

Clear Aligners in Ocoee, FL 

Have you always thought your smile would look better if your teeth were aligned differently? Are you finally ready to receive orthodontic treatment but worried that traditional metal braces would be too conspicuous? Many adults who want orthodontic treatment for teeth misalignment or malocclusion often wonder whether there’s a more discreet way to go about it. Fortunately for you, there is. You don’t have to resort to conventional metal braces—unless you want to!

Smiles of Ocoee offers Clear Aligners treatment to patients who want to change their bite. The treatment utilizes clear aligners to give you the smile of your dreams. These clear aligners aren’t just invisible but removable, as well. This way, you can straighten your teeth and still enjoy social situations without worrying about the aligners getting in the way.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

We begin all orthodontic treatments by taking dental x-rays to determine the state of your teeth and jaws. You must have sufficient bone and healthy gums to start orthodontic treatment. After an initial comprehensive examination, our dentist takes digital impressions of your teeth. These dental impressions are sent to the Clear Aligners lab, creating a set of clear aligners for you.

You’ll need to wait at least four weeks for the aligners to be ready. During this period, our dental office will constantly communicate with the Clear Aligners lab to ensure that your aligners meet the required specifications.

During your second appointment, our dentist in Ocoee, FL, will fit you with your first aligner and show you how to use the other aligners. Typically, you’ll move to the next-stage aligner every two weeks. You must keep your aligners on for at least 20 hours every day. Anything less than this may render the aligners ineffective.

Benefits of Clear Aligners Treatment

It’s essential to note that not all cases of misalignment can be corrected with Clear Aligners treatment. Our dentist may recommend traditional metal braces if your teeth are severely misaligned. For patients who are suitable candidates for Clear Aligners treatment, there are several benefits to look forward to, including:

  • Clear aligners are invisible and discreet. If you don’t want everyone to know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, you should go for Clear aligners.
  • Since they’re custom-made, clear aligners fit comfortably. They’re made from smooth plastic and don’t scrape your oral tissues.
  • Clear aligners are removable. You can take off your aligners when you need to eat or kiss.

Visit Smiles of Ocoee today if you’d like to get clear aligners to correct your bite. Our dentist in Ocoee, FL, will assess you to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for Clear Aligners treatment. If yes, we’ll get you started on treatment right away.

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