When Do You Entail Emergency Dental Care?

When Do You Entail Dental Emergency Care
February 1, 2023

Is it beneficial to visit a dentist offering emergency services requesting a dental exam or cleanings, or even cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening? While the dentist will not hesitate to provide the services requested, they will make you wait to receive the treatment because they are attending to other customers with emergencies that need prompt treatment.

Medical professionals from any field providing emergency services attend to patients with emergency needs that cause immense pain and might even compromise the safety of their teeth. Therefore it makes better sense to involve emergency dentists only when affected by the symptoms of an emergency or affected by one causing intense pain and putting you in a situation where you might lose a tooth or two.

Twenty-two percent of Americans confronted emergencies over the last six months, with 12 percent experiencing toothaches. However, not every dental situation is considered an emergency. It indicates you can wait 24 hours before receiving treatment for your dental condition. However, you must remember to schedule a dental visit with emergency dentistry in Ocoee, FL, to receive treatment for the dental problem affecting you.

Many people schedule emergency visits to dentists without showing up at the dentist’s office, thinking they can avoid visiting the professional if they can wait for 24 hours. Unfortunately, people don’t understand the problem in their mouth doesn’tdoesn’t recover even after 24 hours or a week. In reality, it worsens to aggravate the situation and return with more ferocity later. Therefore it helps people understand what classifies as a dental emergency to get help from a dental professional as soon as possible.

What Are Some Symptoms of Dental Emergencies?

If you are experiencing excruciating pain, excessive bleeding, or have lost a tooth and signs of infections, you must call the nearest emergency dental clinic to receive treatment for the condition without wasting time.

The difference between saving a knocked-out tooth and getting a dental implant is 30 minutes. It indicates you must act fast by picking up the tooth on the floor and rinsing it in water without scrubbing the roots. If you can reinsert the tooth into its socket, you can proceed. However, if you can’t place the tooth in your cheeks or a milk container, rush to the dentist in Ocoee to have it inserted in its socket. In such cases, the dentist will splint the tooth to the adjacent teeth allowing its roots to reattach over a couple of months, asking you to follow up with them to monitor your progress. Unfortunately, if you delay the treatment beyond 30 minutes, you have no alternative but to discard the tooth and seek replacements with dentures, bridges, or implants.


A toothache isn’t an emergency, but if you experience severe pain, facial swelling, and fever or notice pimples on your gums, it indicates a dental abscess that can become a life-threatening condition if left untreated. Seeking help from an emergency dentist proves beneficial to alleviate the pain and control the infection with antibiotics. However, you must see your regular dentist to determine the severity of the problem and have it eradicated from your tooth as soon as possible if you don’t intend to get the tooth extracted.

Mouth Impacts

Many impacts on your mouth can chip or break your tooth to need attention from dentists if you don’t experience any pain or bleeding. However, if an impact causes a horizontal root fracture and separates from the dental pulp, getting emergency dental care near you is incredibly important.

Besides the above, many dental situations like chipped or cracked teeth causing no pain lost crowns or broken fillings, and minor bleeding from your gums when brushing and flossing need attention from a dentist but not an emergency dentist providing services at odd hours and even charging higher prices for their services. Therefore, people must attempt to determine whether their situation is an emergency and can wait until the daytime before receiving treatment from their regular dentist.

Are Dental Emergencies Preventable?

Most dental emergencies, except for accidents, are preventable by remaining proactive with their dental hygiene practices and caring for their teeth and gums to ensure they remain healthy. It involves brushing teeth twice daily and flossing once without exceptions. People interested in contact sports help themselves by wearing protective devices like mouthguards over their teeth to absorb impacts on their mouths. Prevention of emergencies is comfortably achievable by adopting the preventive measures suggested to avoid dental emergencies.

Emergency help is just a call away.

People confronting a dental emergency must understand emergency help is just a call away if needed beyond office hours or even on weekends. Many dentists, like the professionals from smiles of Ocoee, provide emergency services to people on arrival and their practice without making them wait in a queue. Therefore people confronting a dental situation should contact these professionals for help instead of enduring unnecessary pain and preserving their teeth.

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