What Is Endodontics, And How Can An Endodontist Save Your Teeth?

March 1, 2022

Infections to one’s dental pulp and tissues are hazardous to the teeth. It occurs due to repetitive dental treatments and past injuries to the teeth. Endodontic therapy is the best remedy in this situation.

Endodontic treatment is a process to treat an inflamed or decayed dental pulp. It prevents the further spread of infection and tooth damage. During the procedure, dentists remove the affected dental pulp and nerves. Endodontists are the certified professionals that carry out these processes.

What Is The Purpose Of Endodontic Treatment?

Root canal treatments enhance comfort and preserve dentition. After infection gets into a tooth pulp, it’s only a matter of time before the entire tooth is lost. Tooth extraction is a definitive way of preventing tooth loss. However, dentists can get rid of the tooth infection rather than remove it, as seen in endodontic treatment. It requires extracting the irritated dental pulp and nerve inside the tooth, and then the dentist replaces the removed substances with filling materials.

Root canal therapy is essential for clearing all infection-causing debris in the tooth root. The process could also involve the restructuring of the root canal. Furthermore, endodontic treatments boost one’s dental health. Do you need immediate root canal treatment? Visit emergency dentists in Ocoee who can provide a timely endodontic remedy in cases of urgent need.

What Dental Issues Require Endodontic Treatment?

A dental pulp infection not treated could have adverse effects on the affected tooth. A build-up of pus substance starts around the tooth, resulting in tooth loss and gum infection.

Other dental conditions that require an endodontists’ attention include;

  1. Brief pain when eating.
  2. Past occurrence of a tooth trauma such as chipped or cracked teeth or a fracture to the face.
  3. Irritations of the teeth in response to temperature variations( hot or cold). You need to get endodontics treatments near you if this happens constantly.
  4. Blackened colorations on your gums.

Some other individuals have inflamed and painful gums. These symptoms indicate an infection that may have extended into the root canal. You should see Dr.Freddy Mezquia as soon as possible and get your treatments ongoing.

What Procedures Do Endodontists Handle?

Endodontists are dental health experts concerned with invasive and non-invasive root canal therapies. The endodontic specialists ensure there is tooth restoration and improvement of dental health.

An endodontist performs a root canal procedure. What does this process entail? The dentist carries out a dental X-ray to show the infected areas. Dulling the surgical location with the aid of anesthesia occurs at the beginning of treatment. The region must be kept free of moisture by using a rubber sheet. The endodontist makes a small opening in the tooth through which the pulp tissues get removed. Disinfecting and cleaning the tooth root with antibiotics is essential when the tooth root has become exposed. It is followed by filling with sealing substances like gutta-percha( a material protecting the tooth root).

The small hole made is also covered up with a sealing substance. Endodontists perform this procedure at places like dental offices in Ocoee. You may experience some discomfort after the process. However, it’s nothing that a few prescribed painkillers can’t solve. Do not hesitate to reach out to your dentist if you notice any unusual symptoms.

When Should A Patient Visit An Endodontist?

Visiting an endodontic expert is vital once you discover you have a dental issue that might indicate current or potential damage to your root canal. Early medical assistance can help you protect your tooth.

If you have a cracked or broken tooth, notify your endodontist. Inflammed gums and painful gums are essential signals for quick dental intervention. Pockets of pus can develop around the tooth root if one ignores the dental condition. Hence, you should see emergency dentists in Ocoee if this occurs.


It is necessary to observe good personal hygiene after getting your pulp tissue. Brush your dentition at least twice a day and floss every day. Visit dentists around you immediately if you notice any problem with your tooth.

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