What Are the Most Familiar Dental Emergencies?

October 11, 2022

Dental emergencies are more familiar than imagined by most people. However, an emergency can occur at unexpected times and surprise you when biting on hard Candy or when involved in contact sports. Unfortunately, the situation makes you rush to the dentist near you, seeking emergency treatment from time to time.

This article focuses on some of the most familiar dental emergencies to help you understand the preventive measures you must adopt to avoid further damage to your oral cavity. Kindly continue reading this post to learn how to manage an unexpected dental situation when they surprise you.

Most Familiar Dental Emergencies

  • Tooth Infections: Please do not consider an infected tooth a nonemergency because the infection can result in a dental abscess, a bacterial infection causing a pocket of pus near the tooth roots. If left untreated by neglecting a visit to the dental office in Ocoee, the infection spreads its tentacles, resulting in severe health problems invading the gums and causing damage to nerve endings. If you are experiencing excruciating pain with fever and a throbbing toothache, it is time for you to visit the dental office and consult with the practitioner on the measures you must adopt for relief from the infection. The dentist will likely recommend the fearsome root canal as the only remedy to cure the condition besides extracting your tooth.
  • Bleeding Gums and Teeth: Oral cavity bleeding from your teeth or gums might indicate the presence of periodontal disease. Although there is no need to panic, getting yourself evaluated by the dentist 34761 helps determine whether you have early stages of gum disease gingivitis or the condition has progressed to advanced periodontal disease that might require ongoing treatment besides excellent homecare dental routines to control the infection.
  • Fractured or Knocked out Teeth: Accidents or involvement in contact sports can leave you with a severely fractured or a knocked out tooth. These circumstances undoubtedly need immediate attention from the emergency dentist in Ocoee to preserve your natural tooth or have it extracted to prevent further damage. If you receive treatment for the knocked-out tooth within the hour from the emergency dentist, you could possibly use the tooth again in a couple of months after its roots reattach. Unfortunately, a severely fractured tooth is challenging to repair even for the most experienced dentists, and extraction is the only solution to prevent additional complications from developing in your mouth.
  • Broken Jaw: Do you think it is improbable to dislocate your jaw when eating a thick sandwich or yawning widely? You might be surprised to learn that jaw dislocations count among the most familiar dental emergencies resulting from accidents, sports injuries, and falls. Broken jaws are better treated at a hospital with medical professionals. Unfortunately, the situation with your jaw also results in malocclusion better handled by emergency dentists and orthodontists because it causes misalignments with your teeth resulting in a bad bite. In addition, the emergency dentist can help diagnose long-term damage to your dental health resulting from the broken jaw.

Besides the above, you might also experience trouble with restorations such as fillings, dental crowns, bridges, et cetera. Although these situations are not considered dental emergencies, they undoubtedly need treatment from a dental professional and none other because you have restorations to protect a damaged tooth or one missing from your mouth.

While you can delay treatment in such situations until you can schedule a meeting with your dentist, getting the restorations repaired or replaced is inevitable if you want to prevent further damage to your oral cavity or close gaps between your teeth to prevent embarrassment if you have lost a dental bridge that helps replace missing teeth.

Many dental situations might appear insignificant because they don’t cause severe discomfort. Unfortunately, the minor pain you experience indicates something is wrong in your oral cavity and requires examination by a dentist as soon as possible. Dental issues detected early and receiving treatment delivers better outcomes than waiting for them to aggravate into emergencies to require expensive treatments besides experiencing excruciating pain or loss of teeth.

If you remain diligent with your dental hygiene routine and schedule regular appointments with your dentist, you find it comfortable to receive treatment for dental issues detected early at affordable prices from your regular dental care provider. Unfortunately, if an emergency strikes without warning like they always do, kindly do not hesitate to seek treatment from an emergency dentist near you to prevent the problem from aggravating.

Smiles of Ocoee provides emergency dental services whenever needed without making you wait in a queue. If you confront any dental issues, kindly do not hesitate to visit this practice for the treatment you need.

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