March 1, 2021

There are many reasons to whiten the teeth, but none compares to you being able to flash them with a cute smile in public.

Naturally, teeth color comes in different shades that are far from entirely white. And this condition only worsens as we grow older, with the teeth surface getting more discolored due to food consumption and drinks like coffee, tea, blackcurrant, red wine e.t.c.

Plaques and tartar also contribute to the carnage, as they not only discolor the teeth but also create a hard film that makes them unattractive, harming your self-esteem.

The adverse effects of discolored teeth are high and can affect a person’s attractiveness and confidence.

However, it doesn’t have to remain this way because there is an effective way to take off these stains and get your smile rocking. And that is through teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening has been around for centuries and can be traced back to early Egyptian civilization when the Egyptian royals were concerned about attaining eternal beauty. However, teeth whitening in this era has changed significantly, with dentists giving patients sharp white teeth and DIY whitening products readily available in almost every grocery store that you can purchase for personal use.

Teeth whitening products contain unique properties and chemicals that, if applied to the teeth, can clean, rid the teeth surface off stains and also break down the inner compounds that cause these stains. With these products, your teeth will not only be restored but will also be lightened to give that perfect smile you have always sought.


Teeth whitening is the bleaching of the frontal part of the teeth to make them whiter. Whitening is a very effective way of whitening the teeth’ color to up to four or six shades lighter. This gives the teeth that close to a perfect brilliant look.

The most usual teeth whitening treatment is done through professional bleaching, which a dentist can carry out.

Your Dentist or dental team will have to carry out some checks to let you know if you meet the whitening treatment requirements. After the confirmation, a rubber customized shield or a gel will be placed on your mouth to protect the gum. The teeth whitening product will then be applied to your teeth using a customized made tray that fits into the mouth just like a protective mouthguard.

The active property in the whitening product used is often hydrogen peroxide. When combined with other ingredients and applied to the teeth, this chemical helps break down compounds that cause stains and allow oxygen to get into the teeth enamel, driving a lighter change in color. This procedure, when carried out successfully, is known as teeth whitening therapy.

A perfect Teeth whitening procedure helps Remove plaque from teeth, clean discoloring caused by tobacco and other factors, and give you the ideal smile makeover.

Why You Should Do An In-Office Treatment

There are different types of whitening treatment products available. Still, the best service you can ever get is those of a professional dentist. Due to the gum’s sensitivity, it is recommended that only a certified dentist carry out the procedure. This drastically reduces the risk of damage to the gum and other complications that are more likely to be encountered by going to a beauty store to whiten or doing it yourself.

If you do not have a personal dentist before reading this article, you can search ‘Dentist near me’ on google to get a list of directories on dental openings close to your location. However, it is essential to note that not all in the list may be experts in carrying out the procedure.

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