How CAD/CAM Dentistry Is Changing Orthodontics

June 1, 2023

Dentistry is fast transforming itself through CAD/CAM technology. The abbreviation means computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design, a technology helping make many restorations like crowns, inlays, Onlays, and veneers. Orthodontists also benefit from CAD/CAM technology by designing orthodontic appliances and prosthetics like aligners, retainers, and mouthguards.

Over the past two decades, dentistry has realized the value of CAD/CAM in orthodontics and other practices to help them benefit from this unique technology.

What is CAD/CAM dentistry?

CAD in dentistry is the acronym for computer-aided design in restorative dentistry. Computer-aided manufacturing, abbreviated as CAM, helps the manufacturing industry with prosthetics required by dentistry and was adopted by dentists in 1985. CAD/CAM dentistry provides more efficient, cost-effective, and precise procedures for creating restorations. As the technology continues to evolve, the prospects for patients needing dental prostheses also improve.

CAD and CAM represent digital technologies helpful to design and plan and create dental prosthodontics using 3D printing technology. Dentists can efficiently use this technology to create dental crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, inlays, and implant-supported dental prosthetics. In addition, CAD/CAM technology helps make orthodontics easier because by using the technology, the dentist near you can take digital scans of your teeth faster and more accurately than molds to use them with software when planning and delivering orthodontic treatment, especially if you need invisible braces.

How Is CAD/CAM Dentistry Used in Orthodontics?

As mentioned earlier, the technology helps orthodontists capture 3D images of the patient’s teeth, enabling them to work with CAD software to plan and design the final restoration. Orthodontists investing in aesthetic dental care benefit from this technology because it offers massive benefits to their patients.

CAD/CAM dentistry in Ocoee, FL, delivers more robust restoration technology than traditional methods, making them less likely to fracture and break. If getting orthodontic treatment from the Ocoee provider or any other restorations, you can expect to complete treatment faster because the dentist can deliver aligners, retainers, and other restorations in fewer appointments than conventional orthodontics. Best of all, the technology enables dentists to provide accurate results when fabricating ceramic braces and other treatments.

Benefits of CAD/CAM Dentistry in Orthodontics

CAD/CAM dentistry in Ocoee, FL, offers all the above benefits and more if you need dental restorations like crowns, bridges, dentures, or orthodontic appliances.

Gone are the days when dentists took mouth impressions traditionally by giving you sticky and gooey material to bite when taking impressions of your teeth and mouth because the technology enables them to use a hand-held camera to capture images when creating images for ceramic braces, clear aligners, and other restorations. In addition, you require fewer appointments with the dentist because this technology helps them work faster and address most aspects of the treatment during your first appointment.

Over and above, CAD/CAM devices are excellent resources for dentists looking to provide a professional space for their patients. The devices help dentists deliver treatments in fewer appointments while providing ideal restorations or appliances designed precisely for you using contemporary technology instead of traditional methods.

Potential Drawbacks of CAD/CAM Dentistry in Orthodontics

Although technology is beneficial in many ways, it also has its drawbacks and comes with some challenges. While CAD/CAM dentistry near you in Ocoee, FL, has the skills and talent to take digital impressions accurately to design the restoration from scratch, many providers are not sufficiently skilled and may not provide restorations or appliances with the precision they need. Therefore when looking for restorations using technology, you must research a dental office in Ocoee, FL, with the necessary skills to deliver accurate results.

Dr. Freddy from the Ocoee dental office has the skills to design restorations and prevent tooth damage, besides meeting the safety standards of regulatory bodies like the American Dental Association. In addition, the doctor cares to ensure the designs accommodate your preferences and the comfort level you desire to give you a natural feel and appearance for the restorations.

If you desire to straighten teeth to have an aesthetically pleasing smile, you can rest assured you can achieve your goal using the services of a dentist with access to CAD/CAM technology. In addition, you can visit the dental practice in Ocoee to discuss your treatment with the confidence that you will receive professionally designed restorations and orthodontic treatments that will accurately fit your teeth to align them and give you the desired smile.

Smiles of Ocoee provides orthodontic appliances using CAD/CAM technology if you wish to straighten your teeth using the latest technology. Visit the practice today to discuss your needs and receive excellent orthodontic appliances created by them to align your teeth and have a beautiful smile.

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