Expectations When Getting Dental Fillings

July 1, 2021

The Process of repairing permanent damage in your tooth from cavities is relatively straightforward in America as it is globally. If you experience pain in a single tooth, you likely will need a dental filling to restore its structure and return it to optimal oral health and wellness.

When a single tooth starts to hurt, it makes sense to visit dental fillings near you with an inquiry whether you need cavity repairs. Leaving the cavity by itself creates additional damage inside your tooth, requiring intensive and expensive treatments from dentists, including the fearsome root canal or an extraction. The better option for you is to have the cavity filled with dental fillings after consulting the dentist.

You may wonder whether dental fillings are indeed helpful to reverse the permanent damage created by the cavity in your tooth. Genuinely, you will never realize whether the procedure for getting the hole filled will benefit you or not unless you experience dental fillings before and after differences. For example, suppose the cavity is currently hurting your tooth, preventing you from eating or enjoying the cold beverages you favor. In that case, you notice a dramatic difference after getting the tooth filled. Dental fillings allow you to enjoy everything you love so long as you care not to damage the filling material.

What Should You Expect When Getting Dental Fillings?

First of all, expect to be at the office of dentist 34761 for approximately an hour. The time is sufficient for the dentist to take x-rays if needed, discuss the procedure with you, and accomplish the dental work.

After examining the cavity, you receive local anaesthesia from the dentist to numb the area around the tooth and surrounding skin to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort. Next, the dentist drills away the decay in the tooth and cleans the hollow space preparing it for a filling. A few minutes are all that is required to complete the drilling, cleaning, and preparation.

Types of Dental Fillings You Can Have

The dentist in Ocoee, FL, has various types of dental fillings you can choose from according to your preference. Gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, tooth-colored composite material, and glass ionomer materials help make dental fillings. The optimal filling for you will depend on the cost, your insurance coverage, and your aesthetic preferences.

Dental filling materials vary in strength and color, but the most common materials used to fill cavities are silver amalgam and composite.

  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Dental professionals have used amalgam fillings for over a century, making it the most researched material for filling cavities. Silver amalgam fillings are durable and are ideal for filling holes in your molars where most of the chewing occurs. As the filling material is made by combining various metallic elements, amalgam fillings are noticeable when you laugh or smile. In addition, amalgam fillings are affordable among all cavity filling materials.
  • Composite Fillings: Occasionally referred to as composites or filled resin’s these fillings combine glass or quartz filler and are tooth-colored to give you an aesthetic appearance. Composite fillings are also durable and are suitable for small to mid-sized restorations in areas of your mouth where moderate chewing occurs.

You can also have metal fillings from gold but must prepare yourself to bear the expenditure besides scheduling multiple visits with your dentist before your tooth is restored. Metal dental fillings are highly durable but don’t have an aesthetic appearance which is the reason why many people don’t find them appealing. Dentists also offer you ceramic fillings made from porcelain with a tooth-colored appearance. The material is excellent because it is more stain-resistant than composite resin fillings. However, price is a factor because ceramic fillings are nearly as expensive as gold fillings.

You may consider various options as suitable for filling your teeth but will find it helpful to discuss your selections with Dr. Freddy Mezquia to obtain professional advice on which dental filling material you must have for the cavity in your tooth.

Experienced dentists can guide you on the type of dental fillings suitable for you after considering the location of the cavity, the financial implications, your aesthetic preferences, et cetera to give you the best dental fillings available to protect your tooth. Getting professional advice in such matters is beneficial if you want the filling material to protect your tooth without hindering your aesthetic appearance. Dentists also advise you on caring for the fillings and when to replace them if you encounter any challenges with them.

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